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Q&A With Rara Syaqira | MO

Q&A With Rara Syaqira | MO

In this MO Basic Collections, we featured 3 women with different personalities and backgrounds yet aiming for the same goal which is to spread the importance of #selflove and #youtoomatters with all the women across the globe. 

Who are these individuals? Let’s get to know them! :) 

Despite being a plus size individual, Rara Syaqira is definitely one of the most positive individual I have ever met my whole entire life. With her strong aura and positive charms, you’ll feel that you’ve known here for years though it’s only been a few seconds of meeting her. Not the kind of individual you’ve seen at events, model for branded brands nor the ones that you usually see at your Instagram’s explore feed, Rara definitely has something amazing in her for her to be chosen as the face of MO Basic collections. You don’t need to be popular or achieved something big to be recognized. Follow Rara’s story that would make you fall in love with her just like we did!

1. What song describes you most?
I dont really have a song that describes me the most but as for now, I do love songs from Payung Teduh band. Why? Because the vibe makes me feel good and relax till my husband loves it too! Are we match made in heaven yet? Hahaha jk jk!

2. What are your best characteristics?
Humorous and friendly. I like to make people around me feel comfortable with me and not being awkward. Meet the silly me! Haha..

3. What is your favourite makeup items?
 Definitely lipsticks and eyebrow pencils. I love nude makeup the most so most of my lipsticks are nude color. For eyebrow pencils, since I don’t have thick eyebrows  obviously it helps me a lot! Haha..

4. Are you a good cook?
Yes I am! If not how on earth my husband will marry me? Haha! The best part in my menu, I do love to cook Johorean food such as soto. My soto will amaze you gais! Haha just kidding lovelies!

5. Do you sing in the shower?
Yupp! I really-really-really love it and I mean it! So lets karok girls!

6. Who is your Instagram girl crush?
Ellma Rhamans and Nalisa Alia Amin please? Literally I loved to follow most of the plussizers influencers. They inspired me so much to be more confident on fashion.

7. What is at the top of your bucket list?
I want to be happy with my husband and my family. I just hope that one day, i can be a mother.

8. What has required the most courage of you in your life so far?
Been married with my husband that I truly known him for about 5 months. Got engaged & married. Now I am content with what I have now. He helped me a lot to get through the dark side of my past that I dont think I couldn’t forget.

9. What is your biggest accomplishment?
Never thought I’d be a model, makeup artist and a good cooker.

10. Why is body positivity important?
If you’re not in love with your physical, then how are you expecting others to do so?

11. What inspires you?
My Abah and Mama. They inspired me to become who am I today.

12. What is your favourite part of your body?

13. What helps you to deal with stress in a healthy way?
Drink lots of plain water. Trust me it helps! I’ve been doing this when I get mad/stress because of starving hahaha! Or else, I will scroll down recipes that are easy to be made and try em’. Good food is our bae right?

14. Where do you see yourself in 5 years?
Maybe one of MO’s board of director? Yaa just kidding! Hehe I wanna be someone that can inspire others not in just what I’ve become also on what I’ve achieved.

15. What do you want to say to girls out there?
Come on girls! We live once, rock it till you drop it! Be happy for who you are.

Photos Credit : @ohinirara

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