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We Are On Spotify!

We Are On Spotify!

We all need a boost of inspiration and motivation every once and a while. 

Yas! We've got a playlist just for you :)

30 Throwback Malay Songs !

 A compilation of custom-made-heart's "All Time Favourite Malay Songs" 

>>> Malaysia's Most-Loved <<<

Akhirnya Kini Pasti - Anita Sarawak

Apa Saja - KRU

Ayu - V.E

Belaian Jiwa - Innuendo

Bonda - M.Nasir

Bossanova - Wann

Chow Kit Road - Sudirman

Hatiku Luka Lagi - Black Dog Bone

More on Spotify! Click here to get the full list :)

<<< >>>

30 Songs That Are Perfect For A Rainy Day!

If you like to drink hot beverages and listen to music while it rains, here are some pop-indie Indonesian songs to add to your playlist - to brighten up the mood on a rainy day!

>>> Indo Feels <<<

Di Atas Meja - Payung Teduh

Fana Merah Jambu - Fourtwnty

Friendzone - Budi Doremi

Gajah - Tulus

Intuisi - Yura Yunita

Luka Yang Kecil - Gloria Jessica

Penyendiri - Nadya Fatira 

Satu - Dewa

More on Spotify! Click here to get the full list :)

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